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Discover a colorful oniric world !

Follow the game's development !

The game will be updated regularly so Carol can find her missing bunny plushie and discover why its been taken away...


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Onirism is an action/adventure game inspired by early 2000s games in which you play as Carol,
a young girl full of energy and imagination. Play the adventure alone or with your friends

One late evening Carol was resting peacefully in bed with Bunbun at her side. Fast asleep, she's suddenly woken up by a mysterious creature emerging from a magical portal to take her stuffed friend away !

Listening only to her courage, she quickly grabs her umbrella and rushes through the gate !

She then lands in Crearia, facing up against the monsters there and the Corporation,
But during her journey, she will realize that some things are wrong in this strange land...


Discover a semi open world made of 8 worlds !

From the colorful grassland of Chroma Falls to the chilling forests of the Frosty Peaks, meet some new friends and beat up a variety of enemies
that won't let you rest !

You will find more than a hundred pist...toys!
Careful! Some need to be handled with care!


Crearia is full of mysteries and secrets... leave no stone unturned in this big beautiful world !
Find all the bonus levels and collect all the DREAMSTONES !


Invite your friends to play with a wild variety of local multiplayer modes !

Either together or against each other, relive the thrill of 4 player split screen
just like old times !


We are a passionate team of developers, but a bunch of friends first !

We met during our studies and now we are working together on Onirism !

It's a project we have been working on for over four years !







Email: onirismthegame@gmail.com

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