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Onirism On Sale !



Onirism will be on sale between September 23th and
September 30th !
The game will be at 
$11.70 instead of $17.99 on Steam !

Onirism is in early access, meaning that the game is still
in development. When you buy the game, any extra content that will be added in the future will come for free !



The newest Update is here ! 



Continue the adventure and discover the Tortibobble Swamps !

Find new flore and fauna, new bonus levels, and have fun exploring the bog using the hovercraft !

But be careful! The Searrys is close... and it is hungry...


Available on Steam here


Onirism store page now up !



You can now add Onirism to your steam wishlist !

and be the first to be notifed when Onirism will come out as an Early Access.

You will be able to discover or rediscover the beginning of Carol's adventure.

Meet new friends that will help you in your quest and get lost in the large environments reworked for the release !

See you on April 25th !


Onirism on Steam !



Onirism is coming on Steam !

On April 20th 2019, Onirism is officialy launching on steam !

For 15€, will have access to the beginning of the game, and it will be updated regurarly with more content for free !


Prepare yourself to explore the wonderful world of Crearia and help Carol find her bunny plushie !

Welcome to the Shining Treetops



This area is located at the top of the tallest trees of the Far Lands, and is populated by Natives that won't hesitate to chase you with their spears...

You will also be able to discover the Hive, its honey is known all around the kingdoms.

The Natives and the hive workers have been living
peacefully for a while.

They are, after all, flowers and bees...
Be careful not to fall off the trees !

Indie Game Nation



On March 2, Onirism will be at the first edition of the
Indie Game Nation !

Armogaste and Indie Beard are launching their own convention dedicated to the indie game market !

Come meet the Onirism team and test the game !
Or simply have a chat !
See you there at the Inov Campus, Nanterre !

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